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Night of Fun

© INTERVIEW Music Label Production

Artist: KB

Title: Night of Fun

Author/Composer: Knud Henrik Bentzen

Produced by: Knud-Henrik Bentzen

Genre: Nu Disco, Dance, House, Funk, Disco

Label: © INTERVIEW Music Label Production

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KB is an artist, producer, composer and remixer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Big fan and music collector, he listened and played an incredible number of artists for many years which allowed him to acquire a huge musical culture.

After being rocked by the sound funk, jazz, disco, new swing, house of the great artists of the 80s and 90s and more and more tired and weary of the music of today,

KB said it was time to make his own creations and return to the real music sources.

The title he presents to you "Night of Fun" inspired by his culture and his soul "disco-funk, house and new jack swing" is a tribute to the musical heritage of all these years.

Discover and listen to this wonderful creation with sound and arrangements worthy of major producers such as Kashif.

This title will give you positive energy and fill your body with happiness and joy, whatever the context.

So come dance with us and KB on "Night Of Fun" quite simply...

And for all that we are happy to have an artist like KB on the INTERVIEW label.

© INTERVIEW Music Label Production