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Funky Town Re Therapy

Here is a new sound from INTERVIEW remixed with elegance and natural by the talented Doctorsoul.

Discover two versions of this title:

Funky Town Re Therapy

Funky Town Dub Re Therapy

© INTERVIEW Music Label Production


Title: Funky Town Re Therapy

Author/Composer: INTERVIEW

Remixed by: Doctorsoul

Genre: Nu Disco, Dance, House, Funk, Disco

Label: ©  INTERVIEW Music Label Production

“Brand new partnership for DoctorSoul who remixed the "Funky Town" track

from Electro/ Funk/ Disco and much respected Parisian band INTERVIEW !

Take a ride through Paris with INTERVIEW,

together with DoctorSoul's Funky production style...

The track has just been released on all digital stores such as Amazon,

Juno, and will be on iTunes in a couple of days...”

Late Night Dream...

The Only Way To Respect Your Ears ! 

Funky Town Re Therapy Doctorsoul by INTERVIEW