INTERVIEW Music Label Production

Interview music label production

Listen INTERVIEW "Dance Party" at 27:45

Unknown Sounds show 26 "The Festive Chrismas Show" on RevengeFM .

Unknown Sounds airs every Sunday at 6pm.

Show 26 featured:

El Sancho, Insame Society, Rum Lad, Mr FALL RISE

Audio Drones Dirty South Productions, undecidedfuture,

INTERVIEW, Sally Crosby, The Pond Hawks, Madam Who?,

Emma Howett Music, The Kecks, Ness Creations, Blacksheeplad



Listen INTERVIEW "One to Ten" at 26:40

Unknown Sounds show 21 from RevengeFM is the first Unknown Sounds to play only songs by Unknown Sounds ReverbNation Promotion winners.

Unknown Sounds airs every Sunday at 6pm.

Show 21 featured:

Andy Z, Haivyn, Astin Erikson, Kailie Simpson, Professor B and the army of Love, Kurt Hagardorn, Interview, David G Buckley, Dora Donaldson, Arson Whales, Krigare, Touch the Bufallo and Foremand & Co.

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